Reggie Alston

A Medical/Recreational Cannabis Organization Breeder Strain Hunter And Seed Junky Based In California On A Mission To Bring Back The Most Important And Isolated Cannabis Strains Known To Man And Woman Over The Past (15) Years We Have Collected Some Of The Most Unique And Rare Genetics From Strains All Over The World To This Day The Hunt Is Still On.Cultivars,Other Breeder Packs,Genetics The Seed Collection Are Packs From “Cup Winning” Advanced Well Known Breeders My Top Priority Is Great Customer Service Helping And Keeping My Fellow Growers Happy.ONCE I SHIP AND PROVIDE TRACKING IF PACKAGE GETS INTERCEPTED BY ENFORCEMENT,BORDER PATROL ETC IM SORRY BUT THATS CHANCES WE BOTH TAKE ITS OUT OF MY HANDS ONCE I DO MY JOB WHICH IS PREPARE ORDER SHIP OUT PROVIDE TRACKING THATS IT NO REFUNDS IF DELIVERY DATE IS LISTED AND USPS TAKES LONGER THATS NOT MY CLONES ARE UNHEALTHY THATS POST OFFICE BACKED UP WITH SHIPMENTS IF CANT HANDLE ALL THAT SHOULDNT ORDER CLONES ONLINE GO TO A LOCAL DISPENSARY THANKS AND SORRY BUT GOT TO HAVE SOME TYPE STRUCTURE I GIVE PEOPLE A FOOT THEY GO A MILE SO IM SORRY SHIPPING ONLY IN THE (USA) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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Everything went well. Reggie is very professional and straight to the point. He was very patient when it took me several times to learn how to pay. Lol. Good experience clones look healthy.

Dennis about listing RUNTZ (CLONES) 2 days ago.

Good transaction

Hash_Man about listing Gorilla Glue 4 (Clones) 13 days ago.

I can’t vouch for the genetics yet, but the shipping was prompt and communication with Reggie was straightforward and timely. Two thumbs up

Bobby about listing RUNTZ (CLONES) 14 days ago.