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Auntie Jane's Nursery

Hobby cultivators for over 15 years looking to give back to the community. Genetics are the establishment of any good cultivation program. We are here to provide you with clean, quality, verified genetics. We may be a smaller operation up and coming but we take prevention and cleanliness seriously. We understand the importance of starting your garden right. All of our clones come from mothers with no past history of PM or pests. We do weekly integrated pest management/PM prevention. We stand behind our product and want to ensure that you can count on us.

Our current list of cultivars:

Apple Fritter (Lumpy's cut)
Blue Dream (Auntie Jane Cut)
BrrBerry OG (Purple city genetics cut)
Chem 91 SK VA cut
Chem scout (Mamafunk Cut)
Cherry Pie (Cookie Fam Cut)
Eddy Lepp OG
GPAs Breath (Mamafunk Cut)
Gushers (Cookie Fam cut)
Ice Cream Cake (Breeder cut)
Lemon Royale (Mamafunk Cut)
Mac 1 ( Caps cut) All proceeds on this one donated always!!!
Mochi Aka Gelato 47
Now n Later Cookies (313 clones cut)
OG Mandarin Cookies (313 clones cut)
Osmium 76 (Mamafunk Cut)
PCG Cookie Aka cup cookies
Romulan (Dark Heart Nursery cut)
Runtz (Cookie Fam cut)
Strawberry Cough (Kushman Cut)
Sundae Driver (Black Sheep Farms Cut)
Tiger Champagne (Mamafunk Cut)
Venom OG (Dark Heart Nursery cut)

We are currently offering both rooted and unrooted cuts. Unrooted cuts offer a wider selection of availability.

Unrooted cuts:
(Price is for 1 unrooted clip)

$30 a cut with a minimum order of 5 of any variety.

$25 a piece for 10+

You can request unrooted cuts at anytime and we should be able to accommodate.

Rooted cuts:

$50 a cut with a 3 clone minimum of any variety available

$40 a piece for 5+

Rooted cut availability will be listed below as cuts come off the trays

All prices include domestic USPS Priority Express shipping.

We guarantee all our cuts healthy to your door or we will ship them out until they are!!

Rooted cut inventory:

Currently taking cuts. Check back in a couple weeks

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I found Auntie Jane's Nursery to be trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Auntie Jane's Nursery went the extra mile for me - excellent communication, fast shipment, reasonable no BS pricing and clever packaging that thoughtfully considered the rigors of travel!

Hot Rod about listing Apple Fritter Lumpy's Breeder Cut 3 hours ago.

Everything thing came well packed, good service!!

A+ recommended

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