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Auntie Jane's Nursery

Currently Rooted Inventory


Apple Fritter (Lumpy's cut)
Animal mints BX (Node labs cut)
Brrberry OG (PCG cut)
Horchata (Node lab cut)
Cherry Do si do (Node lab cut)
Slurricane (Cowboy's cut)
GG#4 (Josey Wales cut via Darkheart)
Marshmallow OG #9
Runtz (PCG cut)
Slurty3 (Cowboys cut)

Who we are:

Hobby cultivators for over 15 years looking to give back to the community. Genetics are the establishment of any good cultivation program. We are here to provide you with clean, quality, verified genetics. We may be a smaller operation up and coming but we take prevention and cleanliness seriously. We understand the importance of starting your garden right. All of our clones come from mothers with no past history of PM or pests. We do weekly integrated pest management/PM prevention. We stand behind our product and want to ensure that you can count on us.

*We source all of our cuts from trusted established companies. All of our cuts have been tested for HPLVD by us and have passed with two negatives. We will continue to test once a month to ensure we have a healthy garden. Due to the expense we have slightly increased our clone prices but we want to ensure that the clones we are providing are not continuing to the on going issue related with HPLVD. *

Our current list of cultivars:

Animal mints BX via Node Labs
Apple Fritter (Lumpy's cut) via Mainely
Black Diamond via Node Labs
BrrBerry OG (Purple city genetics cut)
Cherry Do si do Via CLTVTD Genetics
Durban Biscotti (Purple city genetics cut)
Gelato 41 via Mamafunk
GG #4 via Dark Heart Nursery
Glazed Apricot Gelato via CLTVTD Genetics
Gush mints (Purple city genetics cut)
Horchata via Node Labs
Ice Cream Cake (Breeder cut) via Madscientist Genetics
Marshmallow OG via Node Labs
Mochi AKA Gelato #47 via Purple City Genetics
PCG Cookies AKA Cup Cookies (Purple city genetics cut)
Runtz (Cookie fam cut) via Madscientist Genetics
Runtz (Purple city genetics cut)
SFV OG (Mandelbrot's cut) via Node Labs
Skywalker OG via Dark Heart Nursery
Slurricane (Cowboy's cut) via Purple City Genetics
Slurty3 (Cowboy's cut) via Purple City Genetics
Super Lemon Smac (Purple city genetics cut)

Rooted cuts:

$55 a cut with a 3 clone minimum of any variety available

$50 a cut with a 4 clone minimum

$45 a cut with a 7 clone minimum

Rooted cut availability will be listed

All prices include domestic USPS Priority Express shipping.

We guarantee all our cuts healthy to your door or we will ship them out until they are!!

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