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If we do no respond to you in a timely manner. It is because we most likely exhausted our monthly transactions due to having the free plan on Strainly. When you exhaust all your transactions for the month it shuts down all communication and wont allow us to open any Requests. If this occurs please personally message us on Here or you can email us at ftsgenetics g m a il .com or DM us on Instagram ftsgenetics and let us know.

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Great folks here! Quick response, fast shipping, fantastic freebie- can’t ask for much else. Excited to run these next season for sure!

rashashin about listing Roadkill Skunk F3 ( SOLD OUT) 22 days ago.

Good attitude and made it so easy! Very nice talking with them and are connected with the rest of the community. Can’t wait to grow this and their free- bees are awesome. Will be looking for more of their stuff to come.

Cactus about listing Roadkill Skunk F3 ( SOLD OUT) 27 days ago.

Pleasure to deal with on some straight up unique genetics!

Gr8teful Nurse about listing Roadkill Skunk F3 ( SOLD OUT) 1 month ago.