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Ganja Mama

Favorite album: FULL CIRCLE.

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This bitch is trash played me out of $1200 she sent me a pack of candy that's it nothing else no seeds or anything she mentioned was coming just a pack of candy on top of that she had her bank refund the payment as suspicious activity nothing I can do about it, I actually believe her when she said she had no knowledge of her bank activity I hit her with screenshots she sounded genuine wasn't till I received her package a couple days later to see nothing inside but a pack of candy I knew then she was scamming and had no intentions on making anything right. You guys want to debate this yourself ask me for proof I have it all the screenshots, emails from PayPal everything that transpired. Watch out with this one she'll follow through on some orders I bet to make her look kosher but she's a shit bag I called her on her shit she calls me an immigrant lol real classy lady. I can go on and on seeing we conversated for about a week to I realized she wasn't going to make good on her end and she gonna do everything she can to save face but she a rip-off don't get scammed by her move conversation that starts off super respectable then you get played in the end.

Love working with ganja mama . Thanks again dear

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Thank you dear looking forward to doing more business

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Ganja Mama