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Good Gear

Good Gear Seeds has been around since the early 2000’s. Heirloom hybrids, exotic flavors, unique combinations and highs. A couple of lifetimes collecting and breeding the finest from around the world. Our team is from western states and Hawaii. You can find some old write ups about us in Jason Kings cannabible.

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Great people and a great source for old school genetics. Always friendly and generous with the orders. Could not recommend them enough!

wlkrgnetix about listing Sensei 14 days ago.

awesome guy plus extra seeds and the strains are on point will post picks , and ptk and real GDP are so hard to get grate f4 GDP and pine as hell ptk look for my up coming crosses studs and moms on point

peter about listing Puna Black Tar 6 months ago.

Great people, great company, excellent customer service!

Dennis about listing Molokai frost 9 months ago.
Good Gear