Just a caregiver , phenohunter and enthusiast doing what I can to share the fire cuts worth keeping in your garden.

Wedding cake
Purple cake
Sunset candy
Cherry pie
Cherry cream pie
Gorilla glue
Peanut butter breathe
Bubble gum breathe
Cereal milk-$200
Liquid imagination-$200
Dog walker og-&200
Brunch breathe
$75 a cut $150 rooted

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Very happy, quick responses and great service.

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Stephen about listing Mac- cuts 4 days ago.

Another awesome supplier of cuts, was patient with me when I had to work a few days late and couldn't get back to him. Clones arrived in a day, beautiful cuttings. Definitely worth purchasing from him.

Thanks again man, well be in touch soon for more.


Tyler about listing Peanut butter breathe teena 5 days ago.

Easy to work with, quick turn around. Will use again.

Captntripps about listing Purple cake cuts 10 days ago.