Just a caregiver , phenohunter and enthusiast doing what I can to share the fire cuts worth keeping in your garden.

Wedding cake-150
Sunset candy-$150
Cereal milk-$300
Brunch breathe-$300
Apple fritter-$300
White Runtz-$400
All others $200 rooted- express/overnight shipping and cloner included.

Snips are $75-$100 must order 2.

Payment and shipping: Cash app, cash, Venmo, PayPal

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Buyers beware terrible communication even through pay pal tuff to get a response. When you finally get a response he just tells you what you want to here it’s a bunch of bull. Still waiting for a $400 refund he said he sent I will eventually get it through pay pal. Thankfully I didn’t send it friends and family like he wanted I would not have been able to dispute it. Not sure what’s wrong with this guy tried my best to be patient and get this deal done I still want it but no communication !

Todd about listing White Runtz clones- sale 2 months ago.

Thanks a bunch everything was perfect thanks for the cereal milk

A+ buyer Thanks!!!