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DEF Seeds

Down East Maine seed maker/breeder/pchucker

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Great communication. Fast shipping.

Kara about listing Ecto Cooler F2 2 days ago.

I have been interested in DEF’s gear for a bit, glad I finally got some. Ecto Cooler F2, Choco Thai F3 and his NL#5 F6. He bundled the packs at a discount, added premium freebies (of my choice from what was available) and all seeds from all 5 packs were mature and sound.

Fast service, stellar communication, fun to chat with. Looking forward to what’s next. Good on DEF

Shrimp Etoufe about listing Ecto Cooler F2 2 days ago.

Smooth, #Professional. Most DEF-initley will be back.

William about listing Chocolate Thai F3 3 days ago.