DEF Seeds

DEF Seeds

DEF Seeds attempts to bring back some of the classic lines we grew up with. We also have a focus on breeding towards plants that perform well in indoor environments.

We have a multi-pack deal 40$/pack after 3

Down East Maine seed maker/breeder/pchucker


All products contain less than 0.3% compliant with applicable Federal Laws.
Please make your self aware of any and all applicable laws regarding hemp in your jurisdiction.
DEF Seeds accepts no liability or responsibility regarding germination laws in any specific local state or national jurisdictions. Luxury novelty hard to find bird seed. Descriptions are for novelty purposes only.

Payment and shipping: Paypal, Venmo and Cashapp - shipping included

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An Asset to Strainly, smooth transaction and a great surprise freebie that I’m looking forward to trying out. Good gear !

Seth about listing Northern Lights #5 F6 10 hours ago.

Appreciate the support, thank you!

Smooth and very good about knowing genetics and what to grow and how to grow it .

RealThor89 about listing Amethyst Hammer AutoFlower Reg. 6 days ago.
DEF Seeds