Hello everyone, As we all know Strainly is shutting down. Feel free to contact us anytime. You can find us on Instagram @ftsgenetics and you can also email us at [email protected]. Stay in touch everyone and happy growing. We have some great presentations coming up. Monkey Paw, 79 Xmas Bud, The real deal Roadkill Skunk, and many more.

Peace, Love and much Respect ,

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Kaptians Vault about listing Sensi Star F3 13 days ago.

Great seller and very helpful. Will def do business again in the future!

The Unknown 1 about listing Romulan Heirloom 2 months ago.

Burt is easy to talk to and informative, Fts Genetics have top level dna at realistic prices ... check it out lol

2Dogplant rule about listing Purple Banshee 3 months ago.