Breeders of good vibes, awesome high quality seed. Paying It Forward threw life. We here at FTS Genetics are just a couple of small town boys. Cannabis has been in our blood since before we were ever born. Believing integrity,love and respect is more valuable than money ever could be to us. We bring some of the finest, highest quality seeds to the public. We breed some fun crosses, along with some hardy outdoor cultivars, and preserving older forgot classic old school varietals. These should never be forgotten or lost. One of our biggest believes is to always pay it forward. Any gesture whether big or small goes a long way. It can help so many others. We also run a Pay It Forward program that helps others to be able to do the same thing. Keeping the cannabis community strong is so important in the time we live in. The whole world is watching and we need to set the example from the very start. So many people have fought so hard moving cannabis in the right direction. In our opinion the struggle is far from over. It intern has gotten more complicated. We are here to do our part for this beautiful culture and this truly amazing plant.

Peace, Love and much Respect ,

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Awesome company.. fast shipping.. will do business again. Thank you FTS

SmokeHouse Seeds about listing Romulan Heirloom 3 days ago.

Amazing service. 10 days to arrive, secure packaging, great freebies. Sent a message on here which was not seen, so sent a message on IG and I got an instant reply. 10/10

Kid Coma about listing Romulan Heirloom 4 days ago.

Great, will order from them again.

Philip about listing Atomic Slaughter 20 days ago.