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Just a dude collecting all the fire thats out there hoping to have a nice library. Everything i post was grown and crossed by me only most of my pictures arent the best but hey some people dont even post pictures just pictures of packs. I enjoy growing and breeding even though im fairly new. Growing is like therapy to me, my lil getaway from the world.Feel free to contact me with any questions(not negative remarks). If you're not happy with what's on my page feel free to keep searching for what catches your eye. Most of my crosses are f1 and a few f2. Most of what we buy today are f1. Learnt by experience. Ill do my best to help. Thanks for stopping by my page. Be sure to ask if packs are opened or sealed before purchase once sold to you there are no REFUNDS or RETURNS!!!! ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing transaction. Extremely professional, patient, and highly recommend.

Esteban about listing Peanut sundae 21 days ago.

Great experience, super professional and FAST as can be!

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Clear and timely communication. A great vendor to buy from.

Thank you.

Jarred about listing Snowman fem 10pk 1 month ago.