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Tested in multiple environments.

Our clones are gauranteed! All clones go directly from the aerocloner to the clone shipper / cup where they are propagated in soil and innoculated with mychorizzae and beneficial microbes and probiotics to ensure positive epigenetic influence. we feel this is important to both the health of the plant , and to the person who could potentially be taking it for medicine. We are not a clone bank and only release a small handful of clones per year. These are our breeder and production plants from a small batch operation. Quality is the standard. The price reflects not only the genetics , but the standard of care that is taken to ensure you get a clean , healthy , well rooted plant that is ready to eat , grow and enrich your daily experience!

All pollen is hand collected and immediately sifted for all vegetative matter to ensure no moisture leaching into the pollen during the drying process.
It is dried , put into a storage receptacle and stored in a temperature controlled environment with desiccants to again make sure there is no moisture damage. This allows for maximum viability and shelf life. All pollen for sale is surplus from projects. No pollen is harvested with the intention of sales. What does this mean? It means we won't sell you any pollen that we ourselves have not used or intended to use. We only collect pollen from males that we feel are suitable for breeding projects.

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