I just saw or was shown to fake profiles. First time in over two years I seen some one here like that. I also seen a lot of me in them. I am real and so are my seeds. I ended up buying seeds with my unemployment money I stead of blowing. My girl turned into heavy drinker. I put a decent amount of money in. Witch is good because after loosing it all and leaving with a ,6x 13 trailer it was taken too. My prices fluctuate and only have one of anything normally. When I sell something I flip it back into new stuff. And fun buying it. But if I need money I take a loss with my bank kinda and mayblower less than I paid and everything was bought as you are now looking at me I just hide so much and lost everything but these now I need money. And I'm a long time grower and can breeder and did make great custom seeds to give away to hope and get my money back. But a couple things here were fun and might stay around a min.

I will trade for used big bore air to push flying things. You know the word I'm not saying.
Bows and crossbows. or any tools or supplies you can get here. So if you have some laying around and want to turn into seeds let's talk.
I'm pretty easy going and love to talk and make both sides happy.

all of my seeds are a buck and 4 for a buck of Cali Landrace.

(MHRB 500 grams $200 purple shredded for soap)
Soap makers supplies are special access for Dirty Foot Members Only

my breeding knowledge consist of not wanting to pay so much for seeds.
I Did a large breeding run using a purple/red male that quickly set on bud sites and flowered his beautiful flowers:
so out of the moms I took an equal amount from each and mixed them all together. so those I'm calling Cali landrace. the list of mother are here. pics up on elusive seeds i just pics up so don't laugh. or do I need to work on it.

LA Wedding Pop and Ice Cream Cake by Seed Junky.

Blueberry Muffin F8, Squirt and Dream Queen By Humboldt Seed Company.

Canarado's Birthday Funk.

InHouse Genetics Terple, Slurricane, Punch 3.0 and Twisted Helix.

Tropicana Kush, Dead Hot Strawberries and Tropicana Punch Bx1 by Oni.

Massive Creations and Dying Breed Seed part owner, Gak X Gak. Very limited and rare.
Only available in my mixed 100 pack freebies. Along With Tropicana Punch Bx1 F2's

Those are all regular seeds. Check availability in specific strain availability.
available solo crosses;

Twisted Helix, Blueberry Muffin, Birthday funk, Squirt, LA Wedding Pop, Ice Cream Cake, Slurricane.
if you want to try any of my seeds just pay shipping and ill give them to you.

Payment and shipping: Cash app, zelle, in the mail

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The post office lost my package. This guy gave me his number and as we working on it it just showed up 3 days late. Tracking said when it was sent.

When I got my seeds I forgot about the freebies. They seem better than what I bought. I'm coming back for sure.

Jeffery about listing Oni - Tropi-candy 14 days ago.

Great seller looking forward to working with him again

Good seller and great communication