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Current Clone Stock- I have grown and tested these strains verified dank and strong strains!
Future #3
Grape Ape
Purple Punch
Mt. Hood Magic #2

Afghan Goo
Biohazard x zkittles
Sunday Brunch(Mimosa x Sundae Driver)
Head Stash ( Black Lime Reserve x Budda Taho OG)

Grower for 4 years in the professional Oregon industry. I have access to rare genetics and seeds from friends and local breeders in the area. I try to offer cuts clones and seeds of interesting and unique strains I find. If you have any issues contact me for grow advice or help. Always seeking to create new connections in the space! I try to offer competitive pricing on all my offerings, trades are also always welcome. Currently looking for the Larry OG cut out of colorado, and a Blue Magoo cut.

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Very nice guy and a perfect transaction for my first clone order with international shipping :)

They come fast and healthy, many thanks !! :)

Binometrik about listing Purple Punch - Archive Breeder Cut 2 years ago.

Fantastic to work with! Very knowledgeable, very efficient and good communicator. 5-star worthy.

Rick about listing Mt hood magic #2 2 years ago.

Solid to deal with, easy transaction

Yohandanko about listing Gelato 33 x MAC 2 years ago.
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