Kid Coma

U.K seed collector. I recently acquired a large collection of seeds. I will be trading some of the spare packs. Mostly I'm just here to buy seeds.

All packs are 100% authentic.

Additional images sent upon request.

I post parcels on Wednesday & Saturday.

Instagram: ogcostanza


303 Seeds - Bio Diesel
303 Seeds - Bio Diesel BX

Alien Genetics - Alien Afterburner OG
Alien Genetics - Fruity Pebbles OG
Alien Genetics - Alien Napalm OG
Alien Genetics - Moonwalker OG
Alien Genetics - Starfighter
Alien Genetics – Hawaiian Ice

AlpinStash - Moxie Dog (Chemdawg #4 x White Dog)
AlpinStash - Charm Dog (Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien x Moxie Dog)

Archive - Face Off f3
Archive - Lemonheads
Archive - Face On Fire
Archive - Scooby Snacks
Archive - Rude Boi

Baked Beanz Genetics - Blood Orange BX1- (Blood Orange x (Blood Orange # 1 (Crocketts) x GG#4BX1 # 5))

Black Diamond Cannabis - Devil Poison (Durban Poison x Hell’s Fire)

Bodhi Seeds - Cherry Mountain
Bodhi Seeds - Gold Star F4
Bodhi Seeds - Lucky Charms
Bodhi Seeds - Mothers Milk
Bodhi Seeds - Northern Lights #5
Bodhi Seeds - Satsuma
Bodhi Seeds - Prayer Tower
Bodhi Seeds - Sunshine 4
Bodhi Seeds - Sunshine Daydream
Bodhi Seeds - Tiger Milk

BOG SEEDS - LifeStar (BOG LifeSaver X SensiStar)
BOG SEEDS - LifeSaver (BOG Bubble X SubCool's JCB)

Cabin Fever Seed Breeders - Forest Fire

Capulator – M.A.C.
Capulator – M.A.C. Stomper
Capulator - Waiting Game (Fruity Pebbles OG x Mac 1)

Clearwater Genetics - Honey Biscuit (biscotti x maitai 4)

Compass Genetics' - Purple Willie (Purple Kush 1973 / IBL x Willie Nelson Nepalese Dominant)

Crockett Family Farms Seeds - Blood Orange

Cult Classic Seeds - Cloudspin

Dark Horse Genetics - Original Bruce Banner
Dark Horse Genetics - Bruce Banner bx2.0

Dirty Water Organics - Fooman Chu (Foodog F3, #2 x Stardawg Big Lebowski)

Dying Breed Seeds – Cookie Stomper (Cookies x OG Eddy)

El Jefe - Sensi Star F3

Ethos Genetics - Inzane in the Membrane

Exotic Genetix - Intergalactic
Exotic Genetix - Starfighter F2
Exotic Genetix - Wonka Bars
Exotic Genetix - The Cube
Exotic Genetix - Starfighter IX2
Exotic Genetix - Bullfighter (Afghani Bullrider x Starfighter F2)

Gage Green Group - Grape Stomper
Gage Green Group - Grape Stomper bx2
Gage Green Group - Bright Moments
Gage Green Group - Burgundy
Gage Green Group - Dumbo
Gage Green Group - Leia OG
Gage Green Group - OB Ripper
Gage Green Group - Impressions
Gage Green Group - Elegy for Jojo
Gage Green Group - Sun Maiden
Gage Green Group - Exaltation (Grape Stomper OG x BreathworkExaltation (Grape Stomper OG x Dizzy Breathwork))
Gage Green Group - Tinash (Grape Stomper OG x High School SweetheartTinashe (Grape Stomper OG x Santos High School Sweetheart))
Gage Green Group - The Chosen One (Aloha Grape Stomper x Santos High School Sweetheart)
Gage Green Group - Mood Indigo (Aloha Grape Stomper x Maestro Synchronicity)

Hazeman - Bright Moments x Sour Grapes

Jaws Gear - Cherry AK-47 F2
Jaws Gear - Banana Kush F9

Karma Genetics - Kryptonite OG

Loompa Farms - Yeti OG (Headband BX)
Loompa Farms - Underdog OG
Loompa Farms - Underdawg
Loompa Farms - Yeti F3
Loompa Farms - Foo Dog (OG Squared F3)

Lost River Seeds - Krusty Burger (Krusty Oz's x London Bridge)
Lost River Seeds – Fat Tony (Corleone Kush X Chem Breath)
Lost River Seeds – Beetle Juice (Ghost of Leroy x Venkman OG)
Lost River Seeds – Eeyore (Sour Durban x Chem Breath)
Lost River Seeds – Krusty O’z (Fat Tony x WaterMelon Zkittlez)

Madd Farmer - Strawberry Frost
Madd Farmer - Northern Lights #5 x Clementine
Madd Farmer - Northern Lights #5 x Tripoli Wicked
Madd Farmer - SCDC x Clementine
Madd Farmer - SCDC x Tripoli Wicked

Melvanetics - Buckeye Purple

Mota Rebel Genetics – SFV OG BX 1
Mota Rebel – Blockhead F2

Obsoul33t Genetics – Starfighter x AlienDog F1
Obsoul33t Genetics - Alien Tarantula
Obsoul33t Genetics – FPOG x AlienDog F1

OG Raskal - Fire OG bx
OG Raskal - Fire Alien Romulan
OG Raskal - White Fire
OG Raskal - White Fire Alien

Oldtimergenetics - Dream Catcher

Omuerta Genetix - Serroquel (ob ripper cross)
Omuerta Genetix - Thousand Oaks F2 & F4 IBL
Omuerta Genetix - El Bomba
Omuerta Genetix - Los Pepes (GG#4-S1 x Thousand Oaks IBL)
Omuerta Genetix - Plato O Plomo (GG#4-S1 x Ghostbreath)
Omuerta Genetix - Fire Creek OG F4/IBL

Paradise Seeds - Sensi Star (regs)

Primordial Beanz - MBD (Mud Bight Delight)

Redeye Genetics - Bundy OG
Redeye Genetics - Glacier OG
Redeye Genetics - Grease F2
Redeye Genetics - Kobain Kush
Redeye Genetics - Lake of Fire
Redeye Genetics - Lithium OG
Redeye Genetics - Locktite
Redeye Genetics - Nirvana
Redeye Genetics - Northern Lights #5 BX1
Redeye Genetics - Outlaw Orange

Second Generation Genetics – Velvet Ropes
Second Generation Genetics – Loompa Goo

Seeds of Compassion - Gorilla Biscuit (Sensi Star Turpentine Pheno x Stardawg IX)
Seeds of Compassion - Ecto Cooler (California Orange AE77's x Gorilla Biscuit)

Sour Genetics - Zcube bx2
Sour Genetics - Cola Cubez
Sour Genetics - El Chapo / El Chapo 2.0
Sour Genetics - The Sour bx2
Sour Genetics - T-B-Z

Swamp Donkey Seeds - Blood Diamond

Taylormade Selections - Gogi Stomper

TGA - Agent Orange

ThugPug Genetics - Thug Pug OG (ob ripper cross)
Thug Pug Genetics - Putrid Michigan
Thug Pug Genetics - Michigan

Top Dawg - NYC Sour Dawg
Top Dawg - NYCOG
Top Dawg - Star Dawg 4.0
Top Dawg - Stardawg
Top Dawg - Stardawg F2
Top Dawg - Stardawg IX
Top Dawg - Tre OG
Top Dawg - TreStarDawg
Top Dawg - Tres Dawg
Top Dawg - Tres Sister
Top Dawg - Under Dawg
Top Dawg - Under Dawg #1
Top Dawg - Under Dawg D
Top Dawg - White Dawg
Top Dawg - 12 Star
Top Dawg - Double Star
Top Dawg - Chemdog 2018 -Chem D x (NYC Chem x Chem 91 BX)
Top Dawg - Chem del la 91 -Chem 91 x (Chem D x I95)
Top Dawg - Pineapple Piff -Pineapple Thai x (Piff S1 x Mango A5)

Payment and shipping: Postage (with tracking): UK - $5, Europe - $15, USA - $20

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Things went great just wish strainly would come up with push notifications so I can see when someone reply’s ??

This is a top trader to deal with I’ve got nothing but great stuff from this man and I’ve had three or four trades with him 100% genuine

Awesome. Great to deal with and has some amazing genetics in the seed cellar. Thanks a lot Nick! I'll hit you up when I get the back crosses done. Gonna be epic