Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Some breeder packs and my own crosses! Growing for over 20 years and breeding for the past 6, I've made many crosses over the years and only kept my best. Spent a lot of time working on some of these lines as I try to get them into as many testers hands as possible to give feedback. My goal is to put out some of these 'elite' lines at very affordable prices for people who just want to hunt and not stress out about cost of packs. I'm not a professional breeder, just a hobbyist who enjoys the plant. Everything is grown/bred in no-till organic living soil indoors and out.

All prices are in USD to avoid confusion!

I'll ship wherever as long as you foot the bill

Payment and shipping: Bitcoin, Paypal, E-transfer for Canadians - I cannot accept Cashapp, Venmo, etc as they are US only. However, Cashapp can send Bitcoin to an external wallet.

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Chris about listing Garlic Breath F2 - 20 Regular Seeds 2 hours ago.

Overall 5/5 star treatment, unbelievably generous guy and did everything possible to make sure you’re satisfied with you purchase, and believe me. You are !

great transaction and communication, prompt service! A+ and appreciate the freebies! thanks again!

Force of Nature