We are fG, The most trusted source of top shelf genetics in Michigan. We have been supplying verified genetics to the medical and now rec industry in Michigan for the last 8 years.

We meet up locally in Detroit or Ann Arbor. For other states, ask.

All clones are in 1 1/2 in rockwool cubes, with roots exposed. No bugs, disease ever.

Payment and shipping: $400 min per order / WE COVER SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL US. Cash App, Venmo, or Paypal. NO INTL, SORRY.

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Plant was sick with some kind of virus. Had some kind of sheen late in life. And in veg had light green spotting through out. As well as no real nose after 8 weeks. Ending up cutting her from lineup.

BeastieC about listing Kush Mints Clones by fG 4 months ago.

Best purchase yet on STRAINLY, Quick smooth and easy. Items were packaged very well I was impressed! Will definitely come here again.

Anthony about listing Alaskan Thunder Fuck Clones by fG 8 months ago.

Great service and great genetics ; I’ll definitely be back!

Kief Tree Farms about listing Kush Mints Clones by fG 9 months ago.