Savage Gardens

Savage Gardens

Welcome Strainly Community!
My journey started in 2009 at the Genesee County Compassion Club (G3C)as security. I have been vending clones and bud since 2009. I know what people want as I am not new too this. Roots! And not just a few just to get the order out. More than anything you will receive quality investment Genetics that are authentic 100% from someone who is extremely picky on what I choose
Please include 40$ for shipping & handling on all clones
Enjoy your search
I do not send out clones without roots. I take clones when requested unless I have them rooted already. Any that do not make it in transit will be replaced.
All trades welcome. Deals on quantity
Strains I have:
AC/DC available now
Apple Fritter (Lumpy’s Cut) in quarantine
Biscotti (Cookie Fam) May 5th
Cereal milk (Cookie Fam) in quarantine
GDP (Kens Cut) in quarantine
Gelato #33 (Cookie Fam) available now
Gorilla glue #4 (Josey Wales Cut) available now
Grease Monkey (By Exotic Genetics) available now
Gruntz (Gelato x Zkittles) in quarantine
H5 (CBG) inquire
Ice Cream Cake (By Seed Junky) available now
MAC 1 (By Capulator) available now
OG#18 (Old School 2007 DNA Cut) available 6-1
Purple Punch (Supernova Gardens) available now
Runtz (PCG cut) in quarantine
Skywalker OG (Old School 2009 Cut) available 7-1
Sherbinski's Mochi Gelato 47 in quarantine

License #: 20856730
Payment and shipping: Cash Ap, Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Great member, everything as smooth as possible.

Thank you again.

SWgenetX about listing Panama Red - Clones 17 hours ago.

Great strainly member. Easy to deal with. Good communication. Honest and straight up. Best wishes!

Great product and service..

Marc about listing Gorilla Glue #4 Josey Wales Cut 2 days ago.
Savage Gardens