Ground Up Genes

Ground Up Genes

Ground Up Genes is a breeder and seed bank with a focus on day-neutral or auto-flowering strains produced in the USA, however we carry select photoperiods as well.

We are happy to consult with you personally to find a strain or strains that fit your needs and environment, whether it be a small tent or acres of field! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Our day-neutral varieties available are suitable for outdoor or indoor growing. Our main goal is to provide trusted, yet affordable auto-flowering genetics on all levels from the consumer to field scale.

All orders ship double boxed inside of a discreet mailing box free of charge.

Each pack has extras and all orders come with bonus freebies! We also give extra freebies for BTC purchases and an additional 10% off to help cover fees! Use code STRAINLY10 for 10% off most pack sizes!

Payment and shipping: Bitcoin | Credit/Debit through MESH | Cash | Money Order | Some Alt-Coins

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