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ETHOS Genetics Flagship distributor, since 2015.

Shipping seeds and clones from Denver Colorado since 2008.
Freebies with all seed orders.

HLVd tested clean with DeltaLeaf Labs

We would never put your garden at risk. All of our plants are regularly tested for HLVd (Hops Latent Viroid)

Why would you buy clones that aren't tested?

Clones are shipped heavily rooted and are Guaranteed to arrive clean, healthy and will recover from shock in just a few days or we will re ship.

Current available clone list

Coming soon Official BeLeaf full clone list

Apples & Banana's (Compound cut)
((Platinum Cookies x Grand Daddy Purple) x Blue Power)) x Gelatti

Baby Yoda
(Khalifa Kush x The Menthol)

(Gelato 41 x Motor Breath 15)

Cereal Milk (Cookies)
(Y Life x Snowman) ...... (yes, its the same cross as Gary Payton. Different phenos, they are sisters)

Gary Payton (Cookies)
(Y Life x Snowman) ...... (yes, its the same cross as Cereal Milk. Different phenos, they are sisters)

RS-11 (Doja Pak cut)
(Sunset Sherbet "Black Sherb cut" x ( OZ Kush x Pink Guava )

Tropicanna Cherries #8 (Relentless breeder cut)
(Trop Cookies x Cherry Cookies)

Project 4516
Gelato #45 x (Platinum OG x Grateful Puff)

Ya Hemi Grandiflora cut
Project 4516 x Melonatta

Yeti F4 (Cultivated Choice cut)
Yeti F3 x Yeti F3 (Headband phenos)

RS-16 F2 line pheno #21

To see the full list of my personal collection of seeds for sale, click the link below the pics

Payment and shipping: CC/Debit CashApp, ApplePay and Crypto

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Great to work with super fast shipping

Bmyx420 about listing Rare Dankness - Karma Bitch 16 days ago.

a great person to deal with. real respectful. i hope to see you back soon

Great transaction, appreciate it!

Shoreline Genetics about listing Fish Scale 18 days ago.
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