Happy Panda Clones

Happy Panda Clones

I've been growing full time for about 17 years and am genuinely in love with pheno hunting! But sometimes you can't beat a the shortcut of buying fire cuts!!! I am definitely addicted to buying seeds and genetics... If you are too then I can fu#% with ya!

Born & raised in LA, where it's all gas no breaks all day!! However, I love any and all unique terp profile so long as it's LOUD!!!


All my cuts have been tested for HLVD. Sent out to the lab myself personally! I resend my cuts out 2-3 times per year... prior to making a new mom. I also send out any new cuts I bring to the Lab as part of my quarantine process. Please feel free to ask me for a copy of my lab results. I will happily provide them for you to see

License #: Lic# 1581925
Payment and shipping: Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal, etc

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Thanks for all, He is very kind and takes all the time to help you and give you explanations. thanks fully recommended

This guy barely answers just wastes time with sending complete garbage has done it twice now constantly has a excuse can't even keep track of the excuses he gives first order he came good on and sent me 2 teens instead of clones second order is a nightmare miswell not waste money by sending the garbage he did and just rip me off be easier worst experience on strainly everything else been perfect .

Healthy clones shipped fast and arrived ready to rock. Ill be back!

Happy Panda Clones