Hello there,

I'm a Licensed medical patient/grower from Canada. The seeds I have listed I've acquired by either purchasing, trades or have bred them myself.

I've tried to price everything as fairly as I possibly could. If I paid for the seeds, I've listed them for exactly what I paid for them. I'm not here to get rich or to make money.

If I acquired the seeds in a trade, I've tried to list the seeds at a fair price that's usually on par or below what it would cost to purchase them out right.

Or if the seeds that I traded I paid for, I list them according to what they cost me etc.

If I bred the seeds myself I charge $5 per seed which I believe is fair.

Essentially, I'm trying to break even and not go into pocket lol.

For payments I accept;
- Paypal
- Etransfers
- Cash

Also, if you choose the shipping with NO tracking option, I'm not responsible if your package doesn't arrive.

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quick secure delivery thanks

quick secure delivery thanks

KidComa about listing Grape Stomper X The white/Stardawg 6 months ago.

package got scooped but reship got through. super cool person and everything is here in one piece. can recommend.

Leo about listing Frost Thai Fantasy Auto 7 months ago.