Urbanfarmd's primary focus is to generate preservations based on stability. When we use the term "stability" The focal point and goal of this definition is identifying which phenotypes worked into preservation stock, will hold the highest level of resistance to environmental fluctuations. These fluctuations may include, but are not limited to the factors pertaining to : environmental drought, overpopulation, mold and mite resistance, and most generally unfavorable conditions. Gas chromatography allows for accurate compound analysis in order to further establish the reality's of preservation. This R&D is not intended for anything but for that of souvenirs/novelty purpose, and preservation. User assumes all liabilities by contacting urbanfarmd through "Strainly user platform". Urbanfarmd assumes zero liability when pertaining to any users actions with the research and development preservation work being offered as keepsake souvenirs.

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Great connection, easy to do biz with, very friendly and really nice freeebies. Much thanks and appreciation!

john about listing Black lime reserve F3 (12 pack) 1 years ago.

My package arrived timely and safely. All seeds are fully mature. I received a great deal for some difficult to find genetics and enough freebies to make a man smile. Thanks again Urbanfarmd.

Henry about listing Black lime reserve F3 (12 pack) 2 years ago.

Received all souvenirs fast, and had some good freebies that were a nice surprise, thanks a bunch and I look forward to our future dealings.

Sgt. Will about listing Black lime reserve F3 (12 pack) 2 years ago.