Hooligans Crafted World

Hooligans Crafted World

I've been growing as a Medical patient/hobby breeder for the last 15 years. I learned from my father who has been doing it 30+years for the love of the plant.

What we bring to Strainly!!
~Beans we created (reg and fem)
~cuts from our large Pheno hunt's
(Hooligans Crafted World gear)

Cosmic S'mores
(Chocolate Marshmallow x Cosmic Glue)

Gelato 33 x Cuvee F2

Predator mite mix, lady bugs,Mantis
neem oil, lost coast plant therapy

We are fulfilling orders we have out then starting over with new Mothers that are Pheno hunted by us!!

Future Mothers from our own Pheno hunt projects
(All Pheno hunted projects are done with at least 50 to 100 beans)

-Cuvee F2 (last thing Subcool got to work on with Badger)
-Dirty Little Secret (the most purple flower you will ever see by Norstar Genetics)

We only trade for beans we are done bring clones in for now.

(Breeders beans I'll trade for)
Exotic Gentix
Subcool TGA (old school)
Or something that's just fire you made!

Clones are strictly for Novelty or Research purposes only. Growing and keeping Hemp Clones is strictly limited Countries, States or Provinces in which it is legal to do so. We Hooligans Crafted World accept no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with Local, State and Federal Law. Less than 0.3 % in every Hemp Cut .

Germination of hemp seeds is illegal and many countries, seeds are attended for novelty, souvenir, and collectible purposes only and should only be germinated in countries in which it is legal to do so. Hooligans Crafted World will accept double NO responsibility for anyone who does not compete with local laws. any any information provided is for educational purpose and not attended for illegal use

Payment and shipping: We accept Paypal Friends and Family, venmo, cashapp & bitcoin (big deals with bitcoin). Absolutely no notes or codes or any text at all should be added to your payment. All information regarding your order (addresses, etc) will be discussed only on Strainly. Priority shipping is $15. Next day shipping is $40. (Cuts US only) (beans and pollen world wide)

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Savage Gardens about listing Now n Later 15 days ago.

Awesome guy, highly recommended! Thank you again for the trade!!

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Awesome guy, highly recommended! Thank you again for the trade!!

PNWStrainHunter about listing Now & Later Cookies 12 months ago.
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