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Collector, cultivator and purveyor of rare, hot and hard to find genetics.

Please inquire with me for the latest list of available cultivars.

Donation posted includes 3 day priority shipping anywhere in the continental US.

If you pick up more then one clone. The second of equal or lesser value for 50% off.

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Red rum Genetics was very helpful and I will for sure be purchasing more clones in the future. Very helpful and knowledgeable about his genetics

Zee about listing Sour Diesel (Archive Release) 10 days ago.

Thanks again ladies came healthy looking and got To my door in 3 days

Crippykeeper about listing RudeBoi #1 Archive release 22 days ago.

Arrived very in 3 days healthy, rooted, and ready for the garden. Thank you very much looking forward to the flowers she produces.

Crippykeeper about listing Sour Diesel (Archive Release) 28 days ago.