Information about Strainly

How it works

How it works

Strainly is a peer-to-peer marijuana seeds, clones and pollen exchange platform. Our goal is to empower cannabis growers and breeders to preserve marijuana genetics.  WE DO NOT SELL ANY PROPAGATION MATERIAL. We provide the platform to advertise and connect the community of breeders and growers.

Growers use Strainly to get access to rare cannabis strains without having to grow and take care of multiple mother plants.
Breeders can use Strainly to offer the seeds they bred, while at the same time get access to more marijuana cultivars, and multiply the breeding possibilities. 
We believe marijuana growers and breeders can overcome more challenges together and unlock new cannabinoids and terpenes combinations.

Browse marijuana strains and find your hidden gem from a community member.
Post a cannabis strain you want to share with the community and provide upon request.
Try new elite genetics with improved turnaround and increased reliability thanks to the rating mechanism.

Medical marijuana patients and licensed cannabis producers are welcome on Strainly! Our goal is to improve affordable access to quality marijuana strains to all patients who need to grow their own plants. Strainly allows to filter cultivars by cannabinoids (THC/CBD) and terpenes combination, enabling to choose the most adapted strains for each patient's prescriptions. 
Licensed medical marijuana producers can use Strainly to post pollen samples and open new possibilities for their breeding projects.

Post a "Request" and wait for someone to get in touch with you, or procure from someone outside of your area and arrange a shipment to your door (donation or shipping fees may apply). Always respect local regulations from place of expedition and destination. In the U.S, shipping cannabis across state borders is prohibited.

Strainly allows licensed marijuana producers or providers and legal home-growers to participate. Any member can post strains (as seeds, clones or pollen). Suggested donations are allowed. ALL AMOUNTS ASSOCIATED WITH A GIVE AWAY LISTING ARE SUGGESTED DONATIONS, they must NOT be communicated nor understood as set sales prices by the provider. A member (patient or recreational grower) can request a strain and agree to suggested donation or not.  Final consensus on a donation is reached through private messages. WE ASK providers to exempt patients with limited resources from donations. Strainly promotes a universal access to an adapted treatment for all patients and medical purpose growers. All donations should be allocated to the breeding and growing operations in addition of covering the preparation, packaging and courier services when applicable.
ONLY LICENSED PRODUCERS AND SELLERS ARE ALLOWED TO SELL clones, according to their local license terms (such as and NOT LIMITED to Canada, the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado...). In the state of California, producers should apply and obtain their license prior to selling clones on Strainly. 

STAY SAFE at all times!

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to list harvests, flowers/buds, edibles, hash, or any product you would traditionally procure from a dispensary. Any member failing to comply with our user policy will immediately be banned from Strainly.

Strainly does not offer any integrated payment gateway. Donations and payments can either be made in-person, using Bitcoins for instance. Bitcoins are also recognized as a safe payment method.
To receive donations and payments in Bitcoins, you must have a Bitcoin wallet. Different options exist. During the transaction, just give your Bitcoin wallet address to the requester (by private message), who will have 15 minutes to send the donation. Displayed currency is USD.

Anyone above the age of maturity (usually 18 or 21) can join.  But not everyone can necessarily stay.  We will continually pour over reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the marijuana growers community.  We think Strainly can be a great tool for the whole community, but we need your help to make sure that the right folks are involved.
Strainly allows to follow other members, thus creating communities within the community. Licensed recreational or medical marijuana producers can, for instance, follow each other and create a network of trusted peers to complete exchanges with.

You basically have two options here.  First, you should obviously feel free to organize a time and place yourselves if that's the best option for you. Meeting other members contributes to the belonging feeling and we get that! However, if you consider that shipping your seeds, clones or pollen is more convenient (particularly in case of limited mobility due to medical condition), Strainly allows that too! You should always use a shipping method that allows your content, usually courier services. By the way, there are now great options to safely ship plant clones. Always act in respect of the laws applicable in both the expedition and destination locations, and everything should go smoothly.