Collector of quality genetics. In particular I tend to go for a bit of what today would be considered obscure varietals. To myself it's more a combination of preservation of old school varietals, exploration of said genetics, and in time thus creating new varietals that escape the increasing shallowness of the cannabis gene pool (looking at you cookies. I'm not saying cookies varietals are bad, some can be great for personal use but that same genetic in so much of the lineages bothers me). As such I look for things that allow preservation and nostalgia for a trip to the past, and personal selections exploring what pathways for genetics opens up as a result.

Particular varietals I am currently looking for are: Malawi and crosses of Malawi (In particular Bodhi's release of deep chunk x malawi would be great), old uw hash plant (in particular Bodhi's release Black Lotus of the uw hash plant x snow lotus), deep chunk, x18, old indicas (especially the old purple Afghani/Pakistani but also the old California cabbage bud indica from the 70s), genuine Cambodian, South American varietals like KC Brains has worked with. Also seeking out apple terpenes that do not have sour diesel, chem, og, or cookies in the lineage. I know X18 can express apple and part of why I am looking for old pure X18 but I recall another old Pakistani that had a granny smith apple smell and taste to it.

I have other things in my vault that I'll be listing up shortly hopefully. If there are questions or inquiries just shoot a message. May have it in the vault, able to acquire or perhaps can point you in the right direction. Stay up an stay safe.

Payment and shipping: PayPal, Venmo, CashApp. I ship all orders via USPS priority flat rate packaging insured to the value of the order. Buyer covers shipping cost on top of listing cost. I do not ship any other means. Domestic US shipping only.

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