I'm from the old school.
First smoked cannabis in the late 60s and became an avid stoner in the early 70s.
I've tasted all the classic imported (to the US) stuff we can't get any more.
Old school Afghani hashish, Columbian Gold, Panama Red, Thai stick, true roadkill Skunk, etc.
Always on the hunt for and working to preserve some of the lost flavors from my youth.
Especially the ROADKILL SKUNK!
If you have it please hit me up!

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Made a new friend and discussed high end Cannabis with a smart light hearted guy with some fire flavors. All smiles and an easy enough situation that will contribute to the quality of life of many. You can tell when you come in contact with a person passionate about the plant.

Moe about listing Gorilla Glue #4 1 month ago.

Great person to deal with!

DeeplyRooted about listing Larry OG clones 2 months ago.

Fast and easy. No issues. No drama. Showed up on time. Great sale, thanks.