mystery genetics

mystery genetics

horticulturist. I have Bio degree and have worked in commercial greenhouses developing my green thumb on geraniums and poinsettias etc. I started growing in the late 80's out of necessity. Anybody who was around back then can tell you that if you didn't have a good connect it was a coin flip if you were gonna score or get screwed when it wasn't dry as a desert. Anyhow it got old so I tried to be as self sufficient as possible in an efficiency. Around 2000 moved back to family horse farm here in the hemp capital of the world. Gorilla farming let me expand my pheno hunt from the closet to the wood line and I finally was getting somewhere with strains that were potent and could take the limited season at 45* lat. Horse racing also allowed me to make some good friends in Michigans Upper Peninsula who also have horse farms where I do most of my work these days. Well anyhow I'm a vet who has been up the river for his craft. I have a pension for old school potent Bud and preservation of these strains rather than commercialism. Furthermore my birthday is 420 so it is bad karma to not trade with me and get me lots of freebies!!!(JK?) I believe God gave us ganja to enhance our lives and improve our spiritual connection to the Living God when used properly. Jah Bless!!!!

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mystery genetics