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I've made over 50 trades here on Strainly, containing well over 100 strains/genetic types.... while, also purchasing seeds and clones from some amazing people.

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Any messages not responded to on this platform, please DM on Instagram; for strainly and I have had issues with my messages being recovered once the original message head is/was deleted.

Apologies for any inconveniences!

My most interesting strains worth collecting....

Casey Jones
Chronic Thunder
Strawberry Kush
Super Silver Haze
Black Jack
Super skunk
Purple Haze

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Awesome trade thanks! Hope you enjoy! Great Strainly Member!

Good communication and a smooth & easy trade. No complaints, thx again

DavdTheRockstar about listing Wet Dog OG - 10 pk 7 days ago.

It doesn’t make me feel good to write this but the community needs to be aware. Beware of Gemsearch originals, aka papersjesus1 on IG. His IG info was on here until a couple days after he ripped me off.

About four months ago we agreed on a trade. He told me that he would provide tracking the day I sent and then blew me off. Never sent his end and has ignored several messages.

He made some assumptions about strain names and ran with it. Now he’s “breeding” with the beans I sent him and doesn’t even know what he’s chucking with.

No breeding here, just chucking and shucking unknown genetics. Traders and buyers beware!

This kid is NOT a trustworthy person.

Weedismybestgirl about listing UW x sour banana sherbet 12 days ago.