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Faded Flowers

About Faded Flowers:

As a military veteran, provides a safe, effective alternative to prescription medication provided by the VA. After years of home growing, I got into commercial growing and have moved through the ranks to the point I am now a head grower for a micro cultivation in Massachusetts. I spend my free time hunting through strain after strain, looking for just those special plants with with unique traits. I don't have time for mids. At Faded Flowers, I understand that not every seed pack has a winner and not every strain is worth keeping. I only keep those incredible strains, especially ones you can't get like it anywhere else. Reach out with any requests.

Clones are shipped from Massachusetts and can be rooted or unrooted. Unrooted clones are 4/1 to make sure you are successful with your rooting process.

Current Faded Flowers pheno-hunted list(not always available):

Blueberry Muffin - Humboldt Seed Co.
Bridezilla - Greenpoint Seeds
Green Crack - Breeder Select
Tart Pops - In-House Genetics

Payment and shipping: CashApp, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo - Overnight Shipping

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Thank you for your business and hope to do more soon.

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