Khalifa Genetics

Khalifa Genetics

Khalifa Genetics is a small collective of passionate breeders and strain hunters. Our objective is to preserve landraces and old school strains as well as create some outstanding stable hybrids.

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One of the most genuine guys out there and a true passion in the craft, Thankyou brother.

Artisan Seedman about listing Rasol Village - 12 Regs 1 month ago.

excellent communication - thanks !!!

Royal Seeds about listing Kerala Chellakutti - 12 Regs 2 months ago.

Al, did a super wonderful job throughout :-)

I am extremely grateful to him for his supportive and kind demeanor.

The communication was clear and effective with every message and I felt like our messaging was supported and informed by our interest in medicinal cannabis and also, of course, his exceptional breeding skills :-)

Landraces and landrace preservation is exciting and meaningful and fun even for a "learner" - not nearly yet a "grower" - and old timer like me.

I am very thankful to Al and I recommend him in earnest :-)

Please be Well :-)

Thank you

Michael about listing Laotian Muang Sing - 12 Regs 3 months ago.
Khalifa Genetics