BEAN BLANKETS - Germination Paper

BEAN BLANKETS seed germination paper has been engineered to provide your seedlings with the optimal environment for early development, laying the groundwork for maximum yields and productivity.

✔ Fast, Reliable Germination - Seed germination papers are used in academic, governmental, and private laboratories across the U.S. and internationally for reliable seed germination.

✔ Consistently High Moisture Retention- Germinating seeds must remain moist. One drying event and everything is lost. Don't trust your valuable genetics in any other environment. ​

✔ No Toxic Dyes or Chemicals - Paper towels and other paper products are often bleached or treated with other chemicals that can inhibit germination and seedling growth and development.

✔ No More Broken Roots - Roots will not grow into and become attached to BEAN BLANKETS. Other germination media rip away roots tips and hairs, stalling adolescent root formation. Keep your fuzzy roots!

​✔ Compatible with any medium - Rock wool, COCO, peat, soil -- your seedlings can be transplanted into the medium of your choice.

​✔ Meet international standards - BEAN BLANKETS meet ASTM designation D1030-75 and T406-SU-72. ​

Category: Cloning & seedling media
Listing created Jan 15, 2018