Atlas Plant Trainer

Have you ever found yourself a few weeks away from your next harvest and running low on bud? Are you wondering how you can get more out of your plants without replacing your lights or nutrients? I bet you’re tired of bamboo stakes poking you when you're trying to train and support your plants.

With Atlas Plant Trainer, all of those concerns are wiped away. Connect, click, bend and clip. 4 easy steps to growing the plants of your dreams and never running out of cannabis again.

Instead of continuing to buy more products to tame those wild plants, imagine just being able to extend your bamboo stakes another foot, or more, to fit into that perfect space. Create more tops, bigger yields, and healthier plants all while saving time in the garden. It's a win, win, win for you, your family, and your plants!

With each large set you get 24 vertical stakes, 12 horizontal connectors and 12 of our unique plant clips - giving you enough pieces to grow a 4'x4' plant structure over and over again. With our black plastic, these pieces will last up to 5 years under every day intense lighting, getting you increased yields for years to come!

Check out our tradeshow video to get a better understanding of how it all comes together.

Category: Clips, ties & tape