HI2500 Mini-Fertilizer and Acid Injection System

The Hanna HI2500 continuously measures the actual EC and pH of the blending tank or trough system and precisely adjusts the concentration of fertilizer and acid or base.

Customize your fertilizer mixtures.
The HI2500 comes equipped with 2 peristaltic pumps for nutrient injection, each with a max output capacity of 2 l/h. Additional pump modules can be added to accommodate multiple nutrients.

Control pH accurately.
The HI2500 comes with a separate pH controller and designated peristaltic pump specifically designed to handle the most aggressive acids.

Ready to use.
Comes complete with everything you need to get started, including controllers, pumps, electrodes, tubing and accessories.

Customizable and expandable.
Select the controllers, number of pumps and types of probes you wish to use.