Pollen - Dosidos #18 F2

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Dosidos #18 F2 bred by Tha Docta (Archive Seedbank)

This listing is for a 1ml brown-glass vial containing roughly 25% pollen of one (or both) Dosidos #18 F2 males. To prevent moisture from compromising the fertility of pollen during transport or storage, each 1ml vial will contain 75% white rice. To be clear, the size of the vial is 1ml capacity, and I will do my best to provide you with ample pollen for selective hand pollination techniques.

These two males (#27 & #34) were selected from a population of 40 seeds. They were selected for vigor, strongest stem rub, and strong lateral branching. Please message me for inquiries.

To learn more information about this lineage, and to view photos of this genetic's female expressions, please visit the original breeder's work at the place these seeds were purchased:


Payment accepted via PayPal as gift (with no mention of cannabis or commerce), via e-transfer, or cash in the mail. We are also willing to evaluate trade offers of seeds or cuts.

Please visit my other pollen listings. And thank you for your time reading this listing. Feel free to message me with any questions.

**To maintain exclusivity of these genetics, pollen will only be provided to one breeder. After successful purchase, this listing will be removed, and our in-house cut will not be shared. The reasons for this decision are as follows:

I. The respective original breeder's work is tremendous and worth supporting. We do not wish to affect the future marketability of their hard works by making an exceptional selection of their genetics widely available. Yet conversely, some genetics are too valuable to the community at large to be held exclusively. We hope that these terpene profiles will live on in future works, without detracting financially from the specific works of their creator.

II. This line will be used in our own future breeding projects, and as craft flower growers, we too aim for market differentiation.

III. The price of this listing is substantial, and the buyer is thus assured exclusivity with their purchase.

IV. Harvesting, drying, and shipping viable pollen is a tedious process.

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1
Listing created Sep 10, 2019