Hazeman - 88 G13 Hashplant

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$60.00 for 12 regular seeds

Breeder: HAZEMAN

Strain: 88’ G13 Hashplant

Genetics: 1988 G13 x 1988 Hash Plant

Description: 88 G-13/ Hashplant was made by Ndnguy. HazeMan took his creation and made a lot of crosses with it. Just like the name says it is the G-13 X Hashplant from 1988. This plant grows huge so give it space. 9 weeks or 10 and she will be done.

Type – 12 Regular Seeds

Flowering time – 8 to 9 weeks

FREE: 3 Reg seeds of Hazeman of White Tiger! Complementary of Hazeman for you guys!

Shipping - $6.00 within the US and $8.00 International

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Varietal type: IBL (in-bred line)
Gender: Reg.
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Indica cultivars: G13
Quantity available: 2
Listing created Sep 13, 2019