Stealthy LED bundle for DIY automated furniture-as-a-growbox.

Designed for multi chamber grow boxes, the multi box bundle lets you drastically reduce times between grows and increase yields with a perpetual harvest cycle. The main grow light will lit your blooming chamber while the small led panels will take care of your next plants in the adjacent vegging chamber.

Featuring full spectrum LEDs producing dense light with little heat, this complete bundle will let you get the most out of any grow space even the tightest ones.

Easily upgradable with more lights (up to 6), the grow box controller connected to your companion app enables you to have complete control over your grow : light dimming, ventilation (included) and environmental data (sensors included) to insure the best possible yield.

  • Reduce time between harvests with 2 grow chambers
  • Main grow light for bloom (up to 2.5’ x 2.5’ - 80cm x 80cm)
  • 2 Small lights for veg (up to 2’ x 2’)
  • Easy setup and control with the Application
  • all included: Grow lights, power supplies, sensors and ventilation
Listing created Sep 17, 2019