Stealthy LED bundle for DIY automated furniture-as-a-growbox.

With 6 small full spectrum LED grow lights providing dense light and little heat. This complete grow box bundle lets you build a grow box out of almost anything.
With these lights we successfully grew and harvested from space buckets, TV stands, office storages and custom built grow boxes. Some of our users even grew in toolboxes or suitcase ! What will you build ?
Coming with sensors, ventilation, a controller and a companion App. The micro grow bundle is fully controllable from your smartphone and can be split into 3 different chambers with different light dimming, schedules and ventilation setups.

  • 6 small LED lights for unlimited possibilities
  • Build a grow box out of anything (space buckets, TV stands, toolboxes …)
  • Up to 2’ x 2’ (60cm x 60 cm)
  • Up to 3 different grow schedules
  • Easy setup and control with the Application
  • all included: Grow lights, power supplies, sensors and ventilation
Condition: New