Clone Chief Reversal Spray 8oz

4oz $25 & 8oz $45 spray bottles available. Gallons bulk order are accommodated!

Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™ is an ionic silver hydrosol (silver ions suspended in distilled water). Only certified authentic .999 silver is used in the electrolysis process with distilled water. No other additives are included to increase the PPM. The solution is manufactured in house to ensure quality assurance standards are enforced. Quality high 20ppm+ exhibits a tinged dark yellow to brown Tyndall solution. The Tyndall Effect is the effect of light scattering in colloidal dispersion, while showing no light in a true solution. This effect is used to determine whether a mixture is a true solution or a colloid.

When using Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™ as a foliar spray (drenching the calyx for 10-21 consecutive days) the silver ions will inhibit ethylene production (sex hormone); In turn forcing the female plant to produce male sepals with pollen filled stamen and exposed anthers at the bract/calyx replacing the exposed pistil. The pollen produced is female because female plants do not contain male chromosomes, which results in guaranteed female seeds when using the pollen from the plant that was treated with Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™.

When to apply Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™: Start two (2) days prior to switching to the flowering phase (12/12 or 11/13.) Immediately begin spraying Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™ on newer growth every day until sepals (balls) start to form (typically 10-21 days). On some occasions a cultivar may require 2 or more daily treatments during the dark phase to induce gender change.

Calyxes are the tiny clusters shaped like a tear drop, that constitutes a cannabis bud. Pistils help you identify female calyxes. Should the pistil get pollinated, then the calyx below becomes the ovary. This changes the function to seed incubator.

Have an urge to backup and preserve your 1 and only plant? Why spend so much on a single plant of a hard to get strain when you can make your very own femenized seeds? With the Clone Chief’s reversal spray you get professionally made colloidal hydrosol guaranteed to penetrate the cellular membrane, bind to the sex hormone receptor and alter the plant to induce an intersex characteristic! Don’t waste your time or money on store brand low ppm & animal protein colloidal silver that doesn’t work! Buy the Clone Chief’s proprietary made reversal spray!

*Disclaimer – Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™ is not intended to be used as a dietary supplement. It is not for human consumption or to be used in any other manner not described. When purchasing Clone Chief’s Reversal Spray™ you release Clone Chief of any and all liability for damages. Do not misuse or disregard instructions and disclaimer.

4oz 1000 sprays

8oz 2000 sprays

The spray shelf life is about 3 years before it oxidizes and slowly looses potency but will still work as it is a naturally high ppm. The ideal protocol is to spray twice a day on the preflower calyx site and adjacent sugar leaves undersides during the darkness hours 1-2 weeks prior to the bloom light change and continue to spray until you see anthers protrude out of the calyx (now sepal) which can take up to 21 days. The 4oz & 8oz treatment amounts depends on each person because every situation is different. The pressure applied to the spray top determines how many milliliters are used per spray as well has how many areas on a plant you spray. Also the size of the plant/s and how many areas treated alomg with how many sprays it requires to drench it all play a factor that is unknown. I provide a larger quantity of the spray at a lower price point than any competitor for this reason.

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