707 Chemdawg x (Open: Guerilla Fume & Dosido#18)

This listing is for seeds from two 707 Chemdawg females flowered + open pollinated by multiple selected males of these two cultivars:

Guerilla Fumes bred by Skunk VA (Lucky Dog)
Dosidos #18 (F2) bred by Tha Docta (Archive)

Selection for this project occurred in Summer 2019 at sea level under full sun using organic composted supersoil, fish emulsion, kelp, and compost teas during veg, followed by straight water through week 2 of flower until harvest. Pest pressure was minimal while molds pressure was high.

Below are my combined notes from my Autumn 2019 pollen listings and garden journal, along with links to the original breeders' works and their observations.

Guerrilla Fumes - This Guerrilla Fumes male is the only one kept of 7 Guerrilla Fumes males selected for observation, from a population of 40 seeds. The stem rub is sour lemon jet fuel with a light undertone of menthol. Intense eye-burning chemically stem rub and how a good Chemdawg should be. Identified as "a better Chemdawg than Chemdawg" by head grower with decades experience growing Chem lines. In early October under heavy rains pressure and limited sun (3 hours direct) this Guerilla Fumes male took on botrytis (internodal stem rot, but no bud rot or petiole/crotch stem rot).

Dosido #18 (F2) - These two males (#27 & #34) were selected from a population of 40 seeds. They were both standouts, identified early on for their vigor and superior lateral branching, and selected for strongest stem rub with pure OG nose. Super sticky stanky stem rubs for OG males. Leaves and pollen sacs of both had trichomes.

Please refer to the original breeder's work on the website where these seeds were purchased:

Project Information

This breeding project came about as a pivot to unintended events. Females were being selected from a 600+ seed hunt. Sexed males were presented to me for further selection, as I had expressed interest in preserving these lines through stored pollen.

The head grower (two decades experience with Chem lines) selected three plants as being ideal representations of Chemdawg terps. I brought all three home (chopped in half to fit in the trunk) and soon culled the third, leaving two. I photographed them and posted my pollen listings.

Then I removed the pollen listings because the two I ended up with were, surprise: female.

I no longer worked for the LP and felt bad for unintentionally having Chemdawg females, and decided to utilize them to pursue a Chemdawg focused IBL with enough variation for a fun selection. My intention was to gift the seeds to the head grower; all the best representations of his favorite strains, unicorn-ready.

I began researching Chemdawg lineage and quickly learned that Chem Dog brought us OG and Sour Diesel, which brought us Headband. I began looking through my genetic stock of 26 cultivars for OG, Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, and Headband lineages.

I selected from among the Chem Dog descended males the most fuely and gasey sons, with the most typical OG structures. (OG I'm very familiar with.) Once confident in the viability of this project, I manually and surgically removing nearly 60 developing seed sites (in floral bracts) which had too-soon been pollinated.

The preflower pistils that pushed after the chop (see pictures below) picked up early unwanted pollen. I brought the females inside for operation (abortions) and quarantine, then grouped the chosen males together outside and culled all other unselected males.

After six days of confirmed sterility (no viable pollinated seed sites anywhere on the 707 Chems), I brought the girls back outside for their arranged marriages.

I let their seed mature late into the Winter, and harvested December 7th. Mothers had excellent molds resistance, and this seed is of exceptional quality. Please note that all Chemdawgs were very light feeders; burned in veg from Alaska Fish Fert, and topdressings of 1cup soft rockphosphate in wk 2 flower.

Photographs from left to right:
Seeds, Chemdawg (3), Guerilla Fume (3), Dosido (6)
Chemdawg footage:
Chopped males + Chemdawg footage:
Guerilla Fume footage:

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Chemdawg
Quantity available: 200