Female Reversal Spray

50ml of stock solution= 32oz of working solution- $25 + $6 shipping.

100ml of stock solution= 64oz of working solution- $40 + $6 shipping.

ALWAYS Mix Part A into Part B. Pour Part B in a container first and then add Part A while stirring. The measurements listed here make 1 quart and should be transferred to a dark glass spray bottle.

This amount provides plenty of solution for one or two 2' tall plant, sprayed every 5 days for 30 days.

When stored in a dark cool place, the mixed solution is effective for approximately 1 month.

For 1 Quart of Solution:

Measure 50ml of Part B solution

Pour Part B solution into the Pyrex measuring cup

Measure 50ml of Part A Solution

While stirring the stock solution B in the measuring cup rapidly, gently pour 50ml of Part A solution in to the measuring cup. Go slowly, yet quickly enough to completely mix them within 30 seconds.


Without dilution this solution will burn plants When the above directions are followed you will have 100ml of mixed stock solution in a pyrex measuring cup. Pour this solution into a 1 quart, brown glass bottle with sprayer top and fill the bottle the rest of the way with r/o or distilled water. (800+ml)

Staying Safe:

WEAR PERSONAL PROTECTION GEAR, including gloves, mask and goggles/glasses. You'll want to keep this off your skin and out of your mouth/lungs. Sodium Thiosulfate has no listed toxicity but it is an irritant with repeated exposure. Silver nitrate will stain surfaces brown, only light stains when mixed with sodium thiosulfate and diluted.


Spray every 5 days, starting 5 days before changing the lighting to a flowering schedule. Spray the nodes of the plant every 5 days until 10% of the flower pods are open and dumping pollen.

Condition: New
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