Hemp Breeder’s Pack: Dioica 88 / Tisza / Tiborszallasi

Genetics: French & Hungarian Hemp Cultivars
Purpose: Fibre, Seed
Latitude: France and Hungary
Harvest: September
Height: [forthcoming]
Aroma: [forthcoming]
Characteristics: Dioecious (i.e. male and female plants); high bast fibre; high seed mass;
Classification: C. sativa subsp. sativa var. sativa
Grow type: Outdoors, greenhouse

Three European hemp cultivars selected over several generations for early finish, drought tolerance, and high yield.

Dioica 88 is popular for its high biomass and seed-oil production. Typical content is around 3.5% with THC production substantially below EU legal limits.

Tisza is a hybrid of the best Hungarian hemp cultivars intended for fibre production. It’s well adapted to dry Mediterranean climates.

Tiborszallasi is a Hungarian hemp cultivar that’s suitable for high latitudes, including northern Europe (Scandinavia).

75-seed pack: 25 seeds of each varietal, each in separate packs

150-seed pack: 50 seeds of each varietal, each in separate packs

450-seed pack: 150 seeds of each varietal, each in separate packs

Varietal type: IBL (in-bred line)
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 4000