Chem Pie 6 fem plus fem freebie.

Wedding Pie Seeds Cross
Wedding Pie is a reliable back-cross that produces dense, photogenic buds. The thick dusting of trichomes on this sweet treat gives the buds a sparkly-white appearance, making her the star of the show on this special day. A distinguishable lemon-vanilla flavor is proof of its Wedding Cake heritage while its Grape Pie father brings along strong hints of grape and berry.

The most prominent flavors in the Wedding Pie strain include mint, fruit, and cake. Mimicking fine confections in both flavor and appearance, this desert-type strain makes an excellent after-dinner treat. With parents like Grape Stomper and Wedding Cake, she is the perfect strain with which to unwind without feeling groggy.

Wedding Pie grows well both indoors and out and produces tall plants with large, heavy colas. We recommend support for this larger-than-average strain, to see that she grows into her full potential without weighing herself down. Seed-to-harvest should take less than 75 days, notably as the crystal trichomes develop and become more cloudy.

Stardawg Genetics
Stardawg is a back-crossed child of Chem 4 and Tres Dawg. She produces the aromas of rubber bands and bleach which accompanies flavors like pool cleaner and earth. Though her pungent perfume is quick to gain attention, it is the picturesque bag appeal of her chunky flowers and dense trichomes that attract most flowers. Stardawg plants grow large and sturdy, and with a proper cure, produce flavors and perfumes that are impossible to ignore.

Those lucky enough to experience Stardawg first-hand find it delivers powerful effects, as well. She is particularly skilled in promoting focus, energy, and social interaction, but she is also great for stress-relief. Stardawg is common among recreational users but is good at addressing anxiety and lethargy, as well.

Growers of all skill levels should luck cultivating Stardawg seeds. Most will have better results using structures like nets and trellises to help the large plants hold their place well.

Chem Pie Seeds
Chem Pie has an amazing way of combining the best of very different parents. Though flavors like chemical and fruit may sound like an extreme combination, they dance well together in this powerful hybrid strain. With a flavor that lingers well after the exhale and an experience that sets in within minutes of the first hit, Chem Pie is a strain that tends to stick with you.

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Chem Pie Genetic Lineage
Wedding Pie X Stardawg
Chem 4 – %
Tres Dawg – %
Afghan #1 – %
Wedding Cake – %
Triangle Kush – %
Animal Mints – %
Grape Pie – %
Grape Stomper – %
Cherry Pie – %

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2