Whopper with Pickles

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Whopper with Pickles

SkunkHouse Genetics -Tangie Cookie Burger F1
SkunkHouse Genetics -Tangie Cookie Burger F1

Mom started Tangie dominant finished smelling like a burger with pickles with Cookie end note. Dad was Tangie dominant lanky plant. Soil grown 1 gallon NFTG #4 with DTE and SLF100 inputs. Grown under 600w of LED lighting indoor. Mom flowered 63-77 days multi topped bush. An easy pair to grow.

13 seeds per pack.

Freebie is another in this line I made along with the rest.

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H.S.O. - Lemon Garlic OG ( True OG pheno ) x
SkunkHouse Genetics -Tangie Cookie Burger F1

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Day four germination test on these seeds added 12/9/20

1/28/31//21 Price adjustment to enjoy this section I made and enjoy it. Limited to ten packs as this is something I'll only offer one time only.

2/03/21 Three new photos of current WWP being grown by a homie.

4/19/21 Flush is on approximately day 60-65 in my buddy's garden. Reports little to no Tangie but more burger funk

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Animal Cookies
Sativa cultivars: Tangie
Quantity available: 10