Botanicare Pallet Rack Tray 2 ft x 4 ft

The Botanicare 2x4 Rack Tray is designed to fit standard (48”L x 18”D x 69”H ) chrome wire shelving. Utilizing baker’s racks for vertical propagation allows you to increase your production by more than 300% without sacrificing additional square footage. Specially designed features allow this tray to sit flat on shelving with a trough that hangs slightly over the edge. The trough collects runoff then directs it towards the bulkhead recess to reduce standing water.

The 45.5” length allows trays to fit snugly inside the wire shelving units (This length allows four 10” x 20” prop flats to fit across each shelf). The 2x4 Rack Tray is perfect for large scale micro green or commercial propagators looking to maximize their production. Each chrome wire shelving unit (sold separately) can comfortably fit three trays and a reservoir, producing more than 600 clones or 12 micro green flats in an 8 sq ft area.

Condition: New