Roadkill Skunk ( Sold Out )

Ok so here it is. This stock came directly from Heime Cheeba aka Dirty Jim. He acquired it in Fort Bragg area in 81 and has held it ever since. He only released like 60 packs at $600 a pack and said he will not release anymore regular seeds only fems. He describes it as a Afgani Hybrid There is no Skunk1 in this line. We were very lucky to get our hands on some. We made a seed increase for preservation. Now we can take a bigger look at the line.
We want to be as transparent as possible of what we found in this line. This is not our line. This came to us as Roadkill Skunk. Heime Cheeba got it in 81.
So what we found is this. We noticed some NLD type phenos. These phenos had all the rotten and foul smells. But wasn't pungent enough for our liking. Now the Broad leaf Afagani leaners held some really stringent and pungent smell. But these didnt carrie any of the foul or rotten smell. They stunk and where very stringent even saying acrid would be a good word. The smell would hit you behind the eye.
And then we found one that carried both the foul smells and the stringent smell. The leaf was more hybrid. But this one wasn't as powerful as the Broad leaf in stringency. This Pheno would be considered the RKS pheno. And in our opinion the Broad leaf phenos where our favorites in this line.
So our selections. We used the best of what we seen to help move the line forward. The male we found was beautiful and was the best selection of what the line had to offer.
We will answer any questions people may have. We know any RKS line that pops up is going to have controversy. We want to be very open to what we found. We love to preserve old stuff. You dont see alot of untainted old school stuff surface very often. And it's getting rarer as time goes by. There is alot of potential in this line. We would like anyone who does purchase this to make more, work with it and keep it alive. We hope this cleared alot of questions people may have. But if you have any more questions feel free Personality Messagae us. We will be happy to chat with ya.

The first 5 packs went fast. We have released the last remaining packs of this. There was 30 total and there is now only around 10 or so left.

On a personal note:
The true beauty in this line is the fact that it has been untainted. The old shcool flare and cannabinoid profile intact and not watered down. Yes they stink. But if that's the only thing you are looking for then you will miss out on what this line really is. A stinky, untainted relic that packs a punch.

Thanks for stopping by,
Burt and Otis from FTS Genetics.

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Low
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 5