Triangle Kush clone only

Original Triangle Kush clone only

All pictures are of our Triangle Kush clone grown by others who’ve grown our cut.

Flowering: 67-69 Days
Height: Medium-Tall
Potency: 30.98%+
Smell/Flavor: Rich earthy, mossy/musty, strong fuel/gasoline, pine and lime on the tail end

This is probably the most talked about strain, predating the Girl Scout Cookies which used Triangle Kush as the mother. From there, this clone only strain was used in Triangle Mints and every modern offshoot. This is the real deal original Triangle Kush from the swamps of Florida where it originated. Over the years we’ve seen and encountered countless people that were told they were getting Triangle Kush when in reality it was The White, which is a phenotype of Triangle Kush but is NOT the true Triangle Kush. Again, ours has been verified time and time again from other well known growers, cup winners as well as the old school florida circles.

There’s a great deal of emphasis placed on the old school Florida strains, probably none more than Triangle Kush after the cookie fam released that they crossed Triangle Kush clone only to their F1 Durban to create Girl Scout cookies.

Triangle kush is an older strain, but is by no means overrated. She grows like a typical “OG” from yester year. She’s dominant, she has a very broad structure, quite wide fingered leaves and a deep dark green coloration. The stems have a very pronounced red stripe running down, and the branching is considered irregular but absolutely does not foxtail. The flowers or buds are in such a structure that the calyxs form very tightly and swell making the flowers absolutely rock hard. The sheer density of the flowers is astonishing with the way they completely fill in and swell. The flowers are coated immensely in a very thick coating of resin glands which play a crucial part in the overall potency. This strain gained most of its acclaim during the early 1990’s, which is very telling as still to this day she constantly tests over 30% . Even growers that are not particularly dialed in will still benefit from the immense coating of resin and spectacular potency.

Triangle Kush hailing a predominantly background has the typical heavy stone effect. The plant being over 30 years old may be slightly slower in veg but not to the point it’s overwhelmingly noticeable. She will branch slightly irregular (the nodes aren’t a vertical mirror image they’re more staggered. This clone only does not in any way foxtail so you do get full flower structure formation. Although she’s not considered to be a heavy yield, with the density of the flowers she isn’t a low yield as some might think. Being of the original “OG” pedigree, she will grow and flower quite typical of an OG. The flowering time is 67-69 days, with that being the sweet spot time wise for harvest. Indoors there is very minimal concern for mold as opposed to outdoors where heavy rain or humidity coupled with the density of the flowers can cause some concern. Staking or SCROG is highly recommended so the branches are able to support the weight of the very dense flowers. She has a pronounced rich earthy, mossy, musty, gasoline coated stench with a background of pine and lime.

There is no lemon to Triangle Kush as she’s not related to the California OG’s where common knowledge is ORGNKID used his secret ingredient male (paki landrace x lemon Thai) to start the Ghost OG line. This cut comes from the Tampa Florida circle and is the true Triangle Kush clone only.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Moderate
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 14