Miamigan'Shine clone only


Lineage: Cuban Black Haze x Reversed Sunshine #4 Michigan Cup Winning cut (verified)

Flowering: 70-74 Days

Height: Medium Tall- Tall

Yield: 1.5lbs per KW


A cross like this needs almost no explanation. The parentage of this strain speak for itself. This is a cross from 2017-2018.

The Cuban Black Haze was one of the "bucket list strains" to get back. Almost immediately after the acquisition of the Cuban Black Haze clone only our owner and master breeder decided to use our intense Sunshine #4 Michigan Cup Winning cut, reverse her and use selective pollination to pollinate the Cuban Black haze clone.

The resulting keeper pheno after our 150 seed pop/pheno hunt resulted in our keeper pheno being dominant on the Cuban Black Haze side. This also incorporated just enough of the Sunshine #4 MI cup winning cut to give a mouth watering extremely gassy tone to the very woody, sandalwood, cedar pine, and earthy funk, leaning our keeper pheno about the 65%/35% heavy on the Cuban Black Haze side.

The imparted intense gas from the Sunshine #4 cup cut doesnt stop there. The flower structure gets the added density both from the Sunshine 34 cup cut as well. The Cuban Black Haze side also translates to the very dark green to almost the black coloration that CBH is known for, as a defining trait. The "rhino horn" nug structure also translates over to our keeper pheno, as most crosses with CBH tend to do.

The flowering time is also reduced by minimum 2-3 weeks from the addition of the Sunshine #4 cup cut. The yield is consistent with the added reversed Sun shine #4 pollen. She does very well when trained, staking, or SCROG. The height is somewhat more manageable in comparison with the original Cuban Black Haze clone only. The node gaps will still gain their approximate 2.5-3's stretch once 12/12 flowering is induced.

The buds have a very distinct gasoline soaked cedar and sandalwood tone from the CBH mother while still retaining the earthy musty incense smell and flavor.

This strain takes a majority of the CBH traits while adding the same intense fuel and gasoline of the Sunshine #4 Michigan cup winning cut that was reversed to pollinate CBH.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: Moderate
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 12