Triangle Shine breeder cut

Triangle Shine

Lineage: Sunshine #4 Michigan cup winning cut (verified) x Reversed triangle Kush

Flowering: 66-69 Days

Height: Tall (self supporting)

Yield: 1.7lbs/KW

Smell/Flavor: Gasoline, Sharp Kerosene, Earthy <Musty Lime, Jet Fuel

Pictures courtesy of Bungludetch


Sunshine State Seed Company original creating of the Sunshine #4 MI cup cut (verified) x Reversed Triangle Kush. This cross was made as a strictly in house cross made by our owner and master breeder as a personal in house strain.

After the Sept 2017 Michigan cup, the owner released less than 12 packs of his original cross of the Sunshine 4 to reversed Triangle Kush. Instantly this strain in fem form was sold out. Not only did everyone that got those packs fall in love with it and post on their social media hopw great the pehnos were, we pheno hunted our owner keeper.

After getting such accolades back from those growers, when those growers were outbidding each other for a pack, it was very clear to us at Sunshine State Seed Company that we needed to release some of our keeper clones. This strain not only had all of the hyper intense gasoline, kerosene, and jet fuel, but she grew "like a " but most astonishing was her structure supported her own heavy yield. Our keeper pheno was heavy towards the Sunshine 4 cup cut but added that old school Triangle Kush funk to the mix. An old school meets new school type scenario. This was a match made in heaven.

This strain grows rather large, her branching and structure are able to support her massive size and yield, although staking or SCROG is a good idea. Resin production on this breeder cut is through the roof and hits every timeless note of speed, potency, resin production, smell, flavor, structure and yield. Even novice growers will do well with this strain, but the more experienced dialed in growers shouldnt have any issue easily topping 30% regularly with a quite large crop.

She does indeed need a decent dose of Nitrogen, Calcium and magnesium in flower which may be contrary to to popular belief but she wont fade in the first few weeks of flower when provided ample N, Ca, Mg. This strain takes a multiple cup winning mom and crossed her to a reversed timeless strain like Triangle Kush which seems to be in most strains these days. This cross was pheno hunted for 3 years before we chose our keeper cut. This is our breeder keeper cut were offering.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 18