Lemon Zkittles

Produced indoors with super soil & under mixed-white LEDs at 20/4, in cool temperatures (15 C) and humid conditions (65-80% RH).

Tested in DWC greenhouse Summer 2020 and outdoors living soil Summer 2021. Handles heat well (130F+). Powdery mildew resistant. Dense colas in late flower are susceptible to botrytis bud rot when grown above 70%+ RH conditions. Pest and browsing resistant.

Tested indoors Winter 2019 in SOG application. No issues with pest or pathogen.

Yields well both indoors and outdoors.

(Blood Lemon Skunk x Zkittles) x (GDP Blast x NL#5) F1

These seeds grow dense green flowers with no purple coloration. Predominantly white stigmas often display bright pink to creamy peach hues.

Heavy trichome production. Untopped and untrained will grow as classic Christmas tree shape with strong lateral branching. Good yielder. Squat growth habit tops out at 3-4' height. Somewhat leafy, but an easier trim than most ruderalis genetics I've worked with.

Terpenes are mostly in lemons and vanilla/candy/sweet; phenotypes observed:
-fresh lemon zest/juice
-candied lemon peel
-vanilla ice cream

Expect peak ripeness at 77-85 days from seed.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: Moderate
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Ruderalis cultivars: Russia Ruderalis
Quantity available: 1000