MYCO-PRO™ Spawn Jar

Brand - Spores Lab

Spawning Mushrooms is most often performed in a glass mason jar, however Spores Lab has developed a product that not only works better, but is also more cost effective.

MYCO-PRO™ Spawn Jar's are made of thick-walled Polypropylene Plastic, and can withstand several cycles in a pressure cooker without warping or deforming. This jar is perfect for spawning any species or strain of mushroom mycelium, and features a removable lid that has both a self-healing injection port for easy inoculation, and a 0.2 micron filter port to allow the air/gas exchange necessary for optimal colonization speed.

This jar is sold pre-filled with 350 grams of certified organic rye grain berries - the best medium for spawning mushrooms, OR just as an empty jar. Select the option that you would like from the drop down menu above.

If purchasing with grain, the grain in this jar is UN-STERILIZED and UN-HYDRATED


-350g of Locally Sourced, Certified Organic, Non-Fungicide Canadian Rye Grain Berries (optional)
-Heavy-duty PP plastic jar & leak-proof lid
-0.2 micron filter port (green port)
-Self-healing inoculation/injection port (grey port)


-Container Dimensions - 12 x 12 x 10.5cm
-Total Weight (with grain) - 480 grams